Strategic Partnering Approach (SPA) Workshop

Please contact us to schedule a SPA Workshop for your organization.

This workshop is a very engaging and interactive 1.5-2 day session, enabling the participants to leave with some very clear plans to enable their BRM capability efforts.  The following will be covered in the workshop:

  • Introduction The context and background for the need for BRM capability success.

  • Setting the Strategic Partnership Goal – Why strategic partnership is necessary, with a focus on shared ownership of business strategy and business results.

  • Defining the "How" of Strategic Partnering – What it takes to achieve strategic partnership.

  • Building a Journey Map for Strategic Partnering – Simple steps to achieve strategic partnership and shared ownership of strategy and results.

  • Continuous Improvement – Building on Success – How to optimize the value of the BRM capability, its impact, and business results.

  • Catalog of BRM Playbook Techniques – Guidance on specific BRM techniques and other reference materials for your professional success.