We don’t need to tell you that the world is changing. Today, technology is everywhere, and those working in Information Technology (IT) are having more challenges in managing all things ‘tech’.  There’s not a business or service that is not being enabled by technology, as it’s become the core of much innovation and the future of growth.    

We focus on enabling the relationships, behaviors, and processes between the business and those providing the IT/Shared Service capabilities, to not simply survive during this period of transformation, but to thrive. When done well, it’s truly a game changer. Here’s what a 2016 McKinsey study had to say about this:

When IT acts as a partner to the business, rather than as a technology consultant or supplier of IT services, the benefits are striking.
— McKinsey 2016

We are excited to help internal IT and Shared Service organizations, as well as strategic suppliers, become more strategic business partners with those they serve. Building from the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) identified within the ITIL framework, we take BRM to the next level. There’s so much more that comes in being a strategic partner, a highly valued BRM.  Listen to how the Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute) defines the role of the BRM:

The Business Relationship Manager is the strategic interface between an enabling function (IT, HR, Finance, etc.) and one or more business partners, with the goal of stimulating, surfacing, and shaping business demand for the enabling business function’s products and services. As a result, the BRM ensures that the potential business value from those products and services is captured, realized, optimized, and recognized.
— BRM Institute

That’s what we get excited about, and that’s what we can help bring to your organization.  It’s more than a role, it’s a framework and full set of capabilities. 

Why are we best suited to help you with this work?  

  • Registered Provider (RP) with BRM Institute.

  • Accredited Trainer for Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) and Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM) certifications.

  • Partnership and Affiliate relationship with The Merlyn Group, leveraging the great experience and skills of Vaughan Merlyn, co-founder of BRM Institute and lead developer of BRMP and CBRM training and certification.

  • Over half of Kip’s 25-year career at Procter & Gamble (P&G) was in IT/Shared Services BRM roles, to the most senior level.

  • Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM) & Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP).

  • As a previous Service Manager, in addition to other IT/Shared Service roles, Kip understands and builds the BRM roles and capabilities within an overall IT/Shared Service model.

Summary Certifications.png

So, whether you're providing services/capabilities within your enterprise, or looking to transform how you engage with companies from the outside, let us help you become that strategic business partner.

Services provided:



Consulting:  We provide an assessment of your goals, current state and what is then required to reach those goals.  This will include the skills, approaches and organizational structure in place to support your efforts in becoming a strategic partner.  We facilitate interactive sessions for leaders/teams to inspire and set new strategies and supportive actions around your Business Relationship Management (BRM) plans and ambitions moving forward.

Speaking. We develop customized talks that can be used to introduce and inspire the leadership and/or total organization on the value of Business Relationship Management.

Training & Facilitation:  We provide all of the available training and workshops across BRM Institutes new 'Knowledge Path to Success' (see below).  This includes programs within the Introduction, Certification, and Application series.   Please contact us directly for 'private' offerings at your company.  For more information about each offering and for a list of our current 'public' offerings, please go to our ‘Training/Workshops’ page.    

Coaching. We provide ongoing support for those involved in Business Relationship Management efforts. This can be done for individuals or groups, to include the following:

  • Leaders of ‘Business Relationship Management’ implementations.

  • Business Relationship Managers (BRMs) starting out or needing support in their roles.

  • CIOs/Shared Service Leaders wanting support in their desire to partner with the business.