Becoming a Value-Focused Organization (BVFO) Workshop

Please contact us to schedule a BVFO Workshop for your organization.

The 2-day Becoming a Value-Focused Organization (BVFO) workshop guides participants through a value approach consisting of a full-cycle value optimization framework. This framework operates across business functions to ensure that the organization drives towards business success.

The value optimization approach and framework are designed to empower business professionals to share ownership of business value by engaging business partners/peers in idea generation (ideation), value planning, and ensuring business value results through value measuring, optimizing, and communication.

  • Participants can expect a deep dive into the value framework to become truly value-focused.

  • Participants will learn to clarify the definition of tangible and intangible value, while providing teams and individuals with beneficial tools used to measure that value.

  • In addition to these key objectives, participants will learn how to evolve both behavior and culture in the organization to focus on value.