Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®)

August 6 - August 8,  2019      New York, NY                     Register here

* The above class in NYC is confirmed!

August 13 - August 15,  2019                     Cincinnati, OH                    Register here

* The above class in Cincinnati is confirmed!

Please contact us to schedule a private BRMP Training for your organization.

In addition to the ongoing public classes that will be offered, this 3 day course can also be given privately for your organization. The 40-minute certification exam is typically given on the last part of day 3 (but individuals may take it later). It is closed book, comprises 50 questions, with a passing grade of 50%. We are pleased to offer this course as an Affiliate of The Merlyn Group.

BRMP® Learning Objectives

Holders of the BRMI BRMP® credentials will be able to demonstrate their understanding of:

  • The characteristics of the BRM role.

  • What it means to perform as a strategic partner, contributing to business strategy formulation and shaping business demand for the provider’s services.

  • How Portfolio Management disciplines and techniques are used to maximize realized business value.

  • Business Transition Management and the conditions for successful change programs that minimize “value leakage”.

  • How to communicate effectively and persuasively.


BRMP®Course Outline

BRM Overview

  • Be able to explain the goals and objectives of the BRM role.

  • Understand why the BRM role is gaining importance and how it is evolving in response to business and provider forces.

  • Explain the concepts of Business Demand Maturity and Provider Supply Maturity and how these impact BRM.

  • Understand the drivers of relationship maturity and be able to differentiate between tactical and strategic BRM roles and how these relate to order taker, trusted consultant and strategic business partner.

  • Be able to explain common BRM reporting and organizing structures and how the BRM aligns with the business. 

Strategic Partnering

  • Understand “Demand Shaping” as a means to increase value realization from provider investments and services.

  • Be able to use a Strategic Relationship Management Process and Techniques to strengthen relationships.

  • Co-develop, with your business partner, a Relationship Strategy-on-a-Page as a mutual Relationship Contract.

Business IQ and Business Value Management

  • Understand the concepts of Capability Roadmaps and how these are derived from business strategy.

  • Understand the concepts of Value Management and how these link business strategy, provider strategy, portfolio and the business case to shape priorities, communicate and drive business value.

Portfolio Management

  • Know how to apply Portfolio Management to the entire life cycle of provider investments, from managing new investments, optimizing existing investments and retiring old investments.

  • Understand the relationships between Project, Program and Portfolio Management and how these work together to optimize business value.

Business Transition Management

  • Understand what Business Transition Management is, why it is important to BRM, and the components of a Business Transition Capability model.

  • Know how to create urgency for stakeholders.

Provider Domain

  • Recognize the important distinctions between Products and Services and the implications for the BRM.

  • Understand the different aspects of service value and how service provider constraints impact the role of the BRM.

Powerful Communications

  • Understand the characteristics of ‘powerful communications’.

  • Know how to influence those over whom you do not have direct control.

  • Be able to express yourself through a unique value proposition.