Leadership. You know it when you see it.  But why are we not seeing it more? Why are so many organizations struggling to find it, develop it, and ultimately leverage it to fully engage employees and drive higher results?  

Behind some incredible roles models, extensive training, and decades of experience, we have a passion for helping others develop in their leadership skills. Whether you’re someone just starting out, or in charge of a large organization, we believe you have the ability to make a huge impact to your ‘world’. These are ‘muscles’ that need developed, as you can’t simply ‘wish them into existence’, hoping you become a good leader. The best leaders are proactively seeking out and developing their skills all the time. So, whether you’re in business or IT, a student or professional, young or old, or someone simply trying to make a difference in your community, we want to help you take that next step in being the leader you were called to be. 

In preparing for sessions (from a 1-hour session to a full multi-day experience), we will work with you to specifically meet the needs of your group. We offer the following services in this area:

  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Total Team Development
  • Key Note Addresses
  • Training

Here are a few examples of previous executions:


THE NEW HIRE: Getting off on the right track

You don’t just wake up 15-20 years into your career and decide it’s time to ‘show up’ as an executive that can move to the C-Suite. The best leaders recognize they must build these skills from day one on the job. Getting off on the right path is critical, especially for those wanting to quickly demonstrate ‘high leadership potential’. We can help kick start your new hires into becoming the leaders you’ve hired them to be.


We believe everyone can influence others and make a positive impact to their team, company, or family each day. Do they feel that way? Are they bringing their best, trying to make a positive difference? Why are so many not engaged or not ‘showing up’? We will highlight behaviors and actions that everyone can immediately begin doing following the session to be a stronger leader, inspiring them to ‘Bring it’.


It’s one thing to lead, it’s another to be leading at the ‘executive level’. Your sphere of influence is now broad, and the tone you set is critical to the overall performance of the organization. Do you know the difference you can make every day? In every situation or conversation within your 1-1s or larger organizational meetings...it all requires a different level of leadership. We help to remind, refresh, and renew executives in their leadership skills.